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I’m Chris, a.k.a the content king!

I am a writer, marketer, Australian lawyer, and content strategist based in Sydney, Australia. I help businesses transform through the power of written communication. Writing is my passion.

I thrive on helping organisations reach their strategic marketing goals. I’m here to help you better connect with your audience. I infuse years of practical marketing experience with my legal background to provide you with quality writing solutions. I guarantee copy that simply works.

My Approach


Let’s get strategic with your marketing and your business goals. I drill down to the core of your product or service and analyse the best approach for your copy. My solutions are competitive, smart, and tactical.

Fixed fees

Copy shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.  I employ realistic and practical solutions from the outset. My packages are suited to all types of businesses from small to large. Our method is simple; deliver quality work at reasonable prices.


It’s 2023 – if you haven’t figured it out yet, most, if not all businesses need to act, and think like media and news publishers – this is your key to success. I am media and content centric. Let’s outrank the competition through powerful copy.

Why Work With a Copywriter?

Maximise Revenue

Strategic, high preforming content can dramatically increase sales and maximise conversions with a few clicks and a few words.

Be Memorable

Sizzle. Sizzle. Sizzle. Publish killer content. Create a moment with your customers with well-articulated and memorable writing.

SEO Strategy

Organically rank and improve your listing position on Google. Powerhouse search engines use intricate algorithms to prioritise key placements.

Trust and Reliability

Smart and insightful copy can enhance the perception of your brand for the better and increase consumer confidence.

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