Visionair Media is one of Australia’s leading media production agencies based in Sydney. With a range of skills and services in under their repertoire, from aerial drone operations, video production and photography, these content creators are leading the charge in the commercial media space. The team have proudly worked with some prestigious and notable organisations such as Westpac, TEDxSydney Downer, Supagas, sass & bide, Amazon and more.


Video Production



The Task

The task was to amplify the Visionair brand! As industry movers and shakers, the company’s communication strategy had to evolve and progressive, to reflect the caliber of the work that being produced. As a result, my role was to generate effective copy and content for the company’s website, blog, social media platforms and offline campaigns. Here are some of my key outputs:

  • End-to-end management of strategic SEO blogging
  • Strategic copywriting for all webpages
  • Weekly and monthly newsletters
  • Ideation and video script drafting for client video (including TVC)
  • Social media content marketing
  • Content guides and ‘how-to’ manuals
  • Backlinking strategy
  • Update showcase project page with new content
  • Offline direct marketing ma
  • Complete marketing management
  • Lead copywriter and blog content producer




The Results

Throughout my time at Visionair Media, I was able to dramatically increase key marketing objectives and KPIs. The company saw an improvement in brand awareness, website traffic and website rank. Overall, these improvements significantly increased lead generation and revenue.

Key findings over six-month period

80% New Email Subscriptions

Producing a range of innovative marketing materials from downloadable guides and online publications, Visionair’s corporate email list grew dramatically over a year.

65% New Leads from SEO

Long term strategic SEO campaigns which included blogging and page content optimising increased new lead generation significantly.

45% Increased Revenue

The execution of our bespoke content strategy for Visionair was designed to out-perform previous revenue indicators through smart content planning.

“We can’t thank I Write Content enough. We use the team to help manage all of our written marketing communications from blogs to webpages and brochures. Our traffic and the number of new leads has increased over time, and we can’t be happier. I would highly recommend Chris. Our web traffic increased significantly by 400% in the space of 6 months. A good strategic content program was key.”

Visionair Media – Founder and Managing Director, Visionair Media


Video Production Page

The Work

We worked with Visionair on several marketing campaigns. Today, the company’s digital presence has amassed a large following and has established a high-placed organic fixture listing on Google, as a result of our well- executed strategic copywriting and content strategy.


Here is a list of some of our content we have created from the Visionair Media blog. We have generated more blogs than the number of posts you see here. Visit our friends and review their entire collection of articles with a variety of topics from video production, drone, UAV safety, lifestyle photography and more. Read more here.

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COVID-19: Small to Medium Business Support: Visionair Media team are open for business and are here to help organisations where it can. Since the COVID-19 pandemic was announced in the 12th of March 2020, our world has not been the same. Read more here.

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Everything you need to know about Video Production Costs: On the face of it, video production can sound like a costly endeavour however, costs can vary from production to production. Depending on the quality and style of production, you can easily spend roughly 5k on a production to 100k plus. Read more here. 

How to Produce an Influential Video Testimonial: Influence consumers and clients through video testimonial marketing. A recommendation is a powerful method your organisation can employ to build trust and reputation. In this article, we explore how producing video testimonials can drive conversion and enhance brand trust objectives. Read more here.

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Visionair Media Blog

Website and Marketing Copy

We have worked with Visionair Media to create some epic website copy to show case their projects and services. Take a peek at some of the key projects we have worked on.

Video Production Services

We are digital content creators. We help businesses tap into their full potential through the power of video marketing. If you’re looking to transform your brand’s presence, partner with one of Australia’s leading video production agencies, Visionair Media. Read more here. 

Projects Page

The Visionair Project page is great way to introduce clients into the world of media production. This page showcases a sample of the project the company has recently executed from TEDxSydney, Westpac and Amazon. Read more here.

Video Scripting

We have created a range of video scripts for the clients’ of Visionair Media – including TVCs, storyboarding and ‘how-to’ videos. We recently scripted the Marianvale Blue (Australian Cod Farm) video campaign and a Supagas TV commercial.