Don’t be afraid of ghosts – ghost writers that is! When you generally think of a ghost writer, you might think of professional writer for a movie, book, film, or theater play. However, ghost writers can write for a range of different formats from advertising, commercial blog articles to eBooks and learning tools. Ghost writers can be hired for a range of different assignments and they’re plenty of reasons why you should hire them for your next project.

1. Maximise your SEO strategy

SEO Ghost Writing

Expert SEO ghost writers can help you manage your keywords and increase Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. Strategic content ghost writing can improve your overall visibility online and potentially increase sales. They generally have great ideas which can be infused with clever online marketing practices.

2. Use professional blog ghost writers

A professional ghost writer can help you transform ideas into engaging informative content pieces which are well written and easy to read. Some people lack the confidence in navigating the nuisances of general grammar and spelling, hiring an expert writer can take the pain out of this experience.

3. Save time and money in the long term

The bottom line is ghost writing can reduce costs in the long term. Save your business time and money by recruiting a master word smith. Blogging can cost a tremendous amount of time and dedication from ideation, drafting to publishing and reviewing. You can effectively eliminate or reduce this cost by finding a content creator that understands your needs and can delivery regularly.

4. Improve marketing objectives and visibility

Freelance Ghost Writer

Blogging improves marketing in two ways: first, by providing you with a platform for targeted content that can be shared on social media, search engines, and other sites; second, by engaging your audience in conversation and encouraging them to share their own content. This helps build trust and authority in your brand while also increasing your web presence.

5. Choose from a variety blog ghost writers

You can choose to hire a variety of blog ghost writers who write in different genres and styles. This is because there are so many different options available online, which means that you can find exactly what you need. You can chop, change, and even source a multitude of writers depending on you business needs.

6. Spend time growing your business and brand

Selling Online

Ghostwriting services let you outsource the time-consuming parts of blogging so that you can spend more time growing your business and brand. Devoting time to writing can be difficult, you need to focus on what you do best—not trying to do everything yourself. Many organisations grow by hiring an external expert writer, so teams can focus their resources on the day-to-day operations.

7. Stay on trend with a blog ghost writer

You can’t be all things to all people. If you’re trying to write a blog about the latest trends in your industry, but you don’t have the time or talent to keep up with those trends, it’s not going to work out too well. A ghost writers’ job is to keep your content current and your business trending, this happens though comprehensive research in the pre-drafting stage. Great writers will do this before writing.

8. Dedicated researcher and knowledge manager

Ghost writers are critical members of your team – they provide you with important research, they prepare content for you to review, and they are fundamental in managing the flow of information from your blog to other media channels. These knowledge managers are specialists that will share their expertise with your colleagues and customers alike.

9. Increase conversions

Ghost writing is an important part of any successful blog. They can help you increase conversions, sales, leads, which ultimately generates revenue – all through the power of word. Through persuasive language, written content can attract more visitors to your website and influence the way your business is perceived.

10. Full rights for blog ghost writer content

One of the greatest benefits of using a ghost writer for your blog is that upon completion, you retain full ownership, and intellectual property rights over the content. You could credit yourself as the author of the piece without attribution from the writer. This feature is one of the most important as busy professionals and growing businesses can post quality content with spending the resources of actually drafting the piece.