Dread the thought of drumming up ideas for your next big blog post? You don’t have to; a professional content writer can do it all for you, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg. Blogging is an essential part of any online business in these modern times. The assumption goes if you have a website – you must have a blog! Although blog writing can be painstakingly time-consuming at first, there are some important and financially rewarding reasons on why you should be all about that ‘blog life’ and hire a professional content writer.

Competitive Businesses Act and Think like News Publishers

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Businesses of today need to run, think, and act like media outlets and news publishers. Unfortunately, companies that don’t think like this could be left in the dust. According to Demand Metrics, companies which blog regularly produce an average of 65% more leads in comparison to companies that do not. It’s also interesting to point out that 80% of users interact with both social media sites and blogs. Posting regular articles can increase visibility and improve ROI. By changing your mindset to include blogging as an important part of your marketing plan will bring your business into the new digital age and set you apart from the competition.

Turbo charge your SEO Strategy with a Content Writer

Content writing and blogging can significantly improve your Search Engine Optimisation strategy. By far, more than any other search engine, Google is the most powerful source of leads and sales online. Everyone trusts Google to point them in the right direction and by adapting your blogging strategy to align with the engine’s preferences, you can dramatically increase sales, boost website traffic, and generate more leads for your business organically. Organic results from content writing can preserve high-ranking search performance longevity and outperform pay-per-click methods in the long run – however, you must be consistent as it should be a permanent feature on your page.

Stop or Reduce Pay Per Click Advertising Spend

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Are you relying on per-per-click campaigns to increase revenue? These well-executed campaigns can be super effective in the short term however, it can leave you short on cash in the long run. While PPC performers are critical to some organisations, coupling smart blogging strategies can reduce your paid spend, or hopefully eliminate it, especially if you are seeing a ROI. Some businesses burn through endless pits of money to generate a return on PPC marketing. This doesn’t have to happen, diversify your marketing outputs with a content writer and start scaling up with your blog.

Build a Strong Brand with a Content Writer

Creating interesting content perspectives and actively posting blog articles can psychologically enhance the perception of your brand in the mind of your customers. Creating genuine connections, providing quality interactions can reinforce your brand’s persona or view. You can stir up different emotions or patterns in consumers through the power of blogging. Every article, every word, and every sentence can be an opportunity to build and invoke a powerful message. This is branding at its finest. So, take advantage of this form of media.

Your customers will Trust you more

Today’s online consumers transact with trust. When a customer purchases form you – they ultimately trust you enough to perform a transaction. Without trust, your brand could be in hot water. A recent Adobe study conducted in 2022 on brand trust and consumer behaviour found that 66% of consumers would stop purchasing from brands that would break their trust. Simply put, trust is something that you cannot buy, but it is something you can earn it. Strong thought leadership strategies that include blogging can help you build better relationships with your customers which can ultimately increase trust.

You Blog Speaks Your Brand’s Purpose

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Your blog speaks your brand’s purpose. So, say something with it – what do you stand for? Strong brands communicate value and purpose every day. They are driven, and they aren’t afraid to convey what they truly stand for in the eyes of their customers. You now have an opportunity to amplify your brand’s communication strategy as an industry leader through your blog with a professional content writer. Start engaging with smart blog content which resonates and speak your brand’s purpose.