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Legal Contract I am an Australian lawyer who was admitted by the Supreme Court of NSW. I am also a registered practitioner of the High Court of Australia. I love having the ability to help others in difficult situations though legal writing. My legal writing solutions are designed for busy firms looking for blog content. I do not provide legal advice nor does publications form a client-lawyer relationship. If you are looking for smart ways to grow your business through legal writing, look for my legal blogging packages.

Some of my Writing Samples


How to Protect your Brand and Intellectual Property with a Trademark

Qantas Registering a trade mark is an important step to protecting your intellectual property. A registered trade mark can guarantee your brand’s goodwill is protected from competitors in the market. It will also protect your business’s commercial value and identity. Brands like Qantas, Arnott’s, R.M Williams, the Coca-Cola Company have registered trade marks to protect their intellectual property – this is a common business practice locally and internationally. Read more here. 

How to Structure your Business Entity

Whether your starting a new business or restructuring your organisation, you should understand the responsibilities and obligations of some of the most common business structures in Australia. Choosing the right structure is important, as it can determine the way in which you pay tax, protect your assets, and accrue liabilities. Read more here.

What is Bankruptcy and how can it be avoided?

Bankruptcy Payment Bankruptcy is a legal process whereby personal debt is set aside in the event an individual cannot pay their debts as and when they fall due. It can occur in situations where an individual’s personal finances become incredibly unbearable to manage. Read more here.

The Business Guide to Managing Misleading and Deceptive Conduct

Misleading and deceptive conduct is a prohibited practice where a business organisation engages in conduct that is likely to mislead or deceive. The doctrine is a commonly litigated provision in Australia due to its wide application and broad interpretation. Businesses should ensure that any representation that is made does not breach the misleading and deceptive conduct threshold as it imposes a penalty, regardless of whether a party was actually mislead or not. Read more here.

Modern Slavery Australia: Mandatory Reporting

Modern Slavery Modern slavery is a broad term used to describe serious exploitation were offenders use coercion, threats, or deception to exploit victims and undermine freedom for personal or commercial gain. Common practices of modern slavery include human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced labour, debt bondage, forced marriage and the worst forms of child labour. The United Nations reports, globally, 40 million people are subject to modern forms of slavery. Read more here. Looking for more information or legal samples – please visit Carter’s Law Post for more information and articles.