The Good Wine Club is a boutique online wine shop that provides a range of unique Australian and international wines and luxury gift hampers. As a one stop shop for all your quality wine needs, this wine club offers an interesting take to subscriptions wine services from ‘book and wine’ plans to regular wine deliveries. From iconic Barossa Valley reds to hip and trendy Pet-Nat styles, this wine club has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Good Wine Club



The Work

I provide complete end-to-end management of content and copywriting solutions for The Good Wine Club. This includes creating campaigns, website copy, blogs, and social media. My versatile style of writing enables me to create quality copy for consumer-based businesses. I work closely with the club to better understand their services and products they offer. In turn, I communicate these benefits to their customers. One of my favorite parts about writing for The Good Wine Club is getting the opportunity to learn about local wine makers, tasting great vino and discovering different brands.
My background in liquor and FMCG industries has helped me understand customer demands and I bring this experience to my clients in every project. As a consumer facing business, The Good Wine Club requires copy that is turned around quickly and as such, my content strategy depends on efficient yet quality writing.

The Good Wine Club

Here is a summary of the writing solutions I provide to The Good Wine Club:

  • Complete management of all content and copywriting requirements
  • Copy for all key website pages such as Homepage, FAQs, About Us, Terms and Conditions, delivery terms, and all product pages
  • Strategic SEO blogging which increases organic website traffic
  • Newsletter and email campaigns
  • Generate copy for all product descriptions from Wine Shop, Mixed Cases, Hampers, Gift Shop, Wine Club, and Book & Wine Club
  • Draft all social media content
  • Posting content from products to copy
  • Marketing and content strategy
  • Sourcing images online with Alt attribute text

For a better idea of what type of content, I have drafted for The Good Wine Club, please visit their page. I’ve have managed, drafted, and posted all key pages on the company’s website, and as such I am an instrumental part to the organisation. Most of the content services I have provided mainly relate to marketing products to customer however, on the flipside, I have also created policies, guides, forms, and shipping information which relate to the operational side of the business.

Blog Articles

The Good Wine Club

Some of the key services which I provide at I Write Content include blogging plans and subscriptions. For more on blogging, follow my journey with The Good Wine Club, as I discuss and post regular about fun and interesting consumer driven wine topics.

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What Wine Variety Matches your Zodiac Sign?

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